Policy for quality and the environment Rev.6 the 10/01/13

The ALFA CENTAURI S.p.A. company engaged in the engineering industry-footwear has implemented an integrated management system, quality and the environment, complies with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 which covers the following activities:
  • Design and manufacture steel shanks and accessories for footwear;
  • Development of heat treatment cycles and activities for third parties treatment of small metal parts.
The quality policy and the environment, appropriate to the nature, scale and environmental impacts of its activities, products and services, is based on the continuous and constant pursuit of customer satisfaction, continuous improvement and pollution prevention.
Politics is communicated to all staff, including contractors, and is made available to the public on the site www.miteaspa.it, shared at all levels of the organization, re-examined at least once a year on the occasion of the review of direction to ensure their effectiveness and continued suitability.

The Company Management is placed on achieving the following objectives:
  • Reduction in non-compliance of the product;
  • Increase in market share;
  • Lower costs of maintenance;
  • Reduction of cost of non-quality direct and induced effects;
  • Training, information and training of personnel.
The Executive Board is committed to applying this policy through the implementation and continuous improvement of the integrated system.
The ALFA CENTAURI S.p.A., in order to achieve its goals, identifies and provides the resources needed for the activities of management, execution and verification of the work such as:
  • Human resources
  • Economic and financial resources
  • Machines and tools for measurement and control.

Fara F. Petri 10/01/2013                                                                      The Executive Board

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