Description of the work cycle:

The work cycle of the shanks in steel, at the establishment of MI.TE.A. S.p.A. is divided into the following work phases:

1) Cutting steel


Cutting steel is via a special machine cutter. The ribbon of steel and spheroidized annealed C60, bought out, is placed on a special unwinding. The tape is played and passed in a special array of knives, which cut the steel into strips. Strips of steel are cut rewound coils are weighed and stored, ready to be taken by operators in the press shop for the molding of shanks.

2) Molding shanks


Molding steel shanks is as follows:

Is taken, the width and thickness of the shanks to make, cut the ribbon of steel in stock. The same tape is positioned on a special warp, mounted on the side of the press is done and passed under the molds that through the cold forming, realize the shanks. These are arranged in special boxes in sheet and subsequently deposited in the warehouse waiting to be hardened.

3) Hardening

Hardening is simply a heat treatment to which the steel shanks are submitted. Banks printed shanks are taken from storage and placed at the entrance to the hardening furnace in which they walk to a temperature between 800-1000 C. Subsequently, the shanks are cooled dramatically by immersion in oil. Hardening gives the shanks high hardness but at the same time extreme fragility that is eliminated by an additional heat treatment: the discovery.

4) Dry

The shanks, after immersion in oil, are washed by passing in an emulsion of water in special washing machines.